Archives for July 2004 : A Retirement Home for Famous Apes

“Luckily, the former movie stars, TV actors, and circus performers have found refuge at the Center for Orangutan and Chimpanzee Conservation, a Florida retirement home for apes. ”

Eventually the monkey’s will take over the world.

Some thoughts?

There are several different groups of people who comment on this Blog. Many of you have my email address and I am getting swamped with comments about the comments of others here. Some of these comments make complete sense because many of you are not familiar with the BB I had been participating in and the comments about the events there do not have any context for you.

The other set of comments are in response to what many consider personal attacks. I think that there is a lot of anger coming from people who feel like they were never listened to, who feel that their opinions were devalued and in short are just trying to express themselves.

I am not going to do much in the way of moderating comments as I want this to be a place where you just lay it out there. If people can’t handle it this may not be the place for them. But I ask that you use your name. If you want to say someone is smart or an idiot, you can do that. But use your own name so that we can see what is going on. It will help to provide a real handle as to how many people are here.

Also, I am considering signing up for a tagboard which would be similar to a message board and would be on the front page. It will not be the kind of board that many are used to. I am still the only one who will post subjects, but it will serve as a general place to make comments and remarks. The posts will still offer a place for comments too.

A few math tricks

Here’s a sneaky way to find out someone’s age who won’t tell you:

Ask the person to multiply the first number of his or her age by 5

Tell them to add 3

Now tell them to double this figure

Have the person add the second number of his or her age to the figure and have them tell you their answer

Deduct 6 and you will have their age!

Here is another:

Tell someone to secretly input their age into a calculator and multiply it by 3367.

Now, tell them to multiply it by 3.

Next, tell them to write down their answer on a piece of paper and to clear all the information on the calculator so far.

Now, use that number on the piece of paper and divide it by 10101.

RESULT: The person’s age!

The reason this trick works because 10101 is equal to 3367*3. And multiplying any two-digit number by 10101 is the same as writing it three times (e.g. 282828). Thus, when a number is multiplied by 3367, then by 3, it is really being multiplied by 10101. And of course, when you divide it by 10101 at the end of the trick, you get your original number, in this case your age.

And here is another

Magic Addition Trick #1
Amaze the peons with this one. It’s simple. It’s effective. It gets them every time.

Ask your mark to pick three (3) different numbers between 1 and 9.

Tell him or her (or her or him) to write the three numbers down next to each other, largest first and smallest last, to form a single 3-digit number. Tell him/her not to tell you what the numbers are.

Next have her or him form a new 3-digit number by reversing the digits, putting the smallest first and the largest last. And write this number right underneath the first number.

Now have him or her subtract the lower (and smaller) 3-digit number from the upper (and larger) 3-digit number. Tell them not to tell you what the result is.

Now you have a choice of wrap-ups:

Ask your friend to add up the three digits of the number that results from subtracting the smaller from the larger 3-digit number. Then amaze him or her by teling them what the sum of those three numbers is. The sum of the three digit answer will always be 18!

Tell your friend that if she or he will tell you what the first OR last digit of the answer is, you will tell her or him what the other two digits are. This is possible because the middle digit will always be 9, and the other two digits will always sum to 9! So to get the digit other than the middle one (which is 9) and other than the digit that your friend tells you, just subtract the digit your friend tells you from 9, and that is the unknown digit.

MSNBC – Meet the Eye Cam

MSNBC – Meet the Eye Cam: “Meet the Eye Cam

Processed reflections from the cornea can make hindsight a reality

Eye spy: This corneal reflection shows that the person is facing two people but only looking at the one on the right”

Very interesting stuff. It is amazing what they can do now, and kind of scary to think of what could be done. News – Latest News – Dancer Jailed for Tube Killing

“You swore at him and were aggressive and hostile and you threatened him. The victim was quite blameless. He went to apologise and touch the boy in a gesture of conciliation, but you took exception and struck him in the mouth.”

This is a terrible tragedy. I have often remarked that in today’s society you are better off not trying to touch children of people you don’t know. I personally find it irritating when strangers try to ruffle my son’s hair or touch him in some other fashion. Boundaries are important.

Still, what this man did was wrong. There was no need to hit the other man over a simple accident.