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The Rocky Horror Picture Show

A quick question for my readers. How many of you have seen The Rocky Horror Picture Show?
And if so, when is the last time you watched it?

Parents- List Your Child’s Most Irritating Toy/Show

Ok parents I have a post that is just for you. There are two parts to it.

Most of our children have received at least one toy that we cannot stand. It may not have always been that way, but sooner or later there is one toy that you just cannot stand.

The second part is tied into television shows. Children can watch the same show 17,987 consecutive times and not get bored. Scientists have proven that many of these same people grew up to watch and participate in The Rocky Horror Picture Show each week. On a side note, I have to make a separate post about this.

In my case I would have to say that the toy that I grew to despise was a talking barbecue. It was loud and obnoxious and in the middle of the night it would suddenly turn on and scare the crap out of me.

It is two am and all of a suddent there is a freaking barbecue yelling at me about not burning the hot dogs. It is a good thing that this thing didn’t exist when I was in college or I can guarantee that it would have caused several people to have a complete breakdown.

As for a television show I would have to say that I learned to love and then hate the Wiggles. The Wiggles who dressed up in costumes that resembled Star Trek uniforms grew to be exceptionally irritating, in large part because I found myself whistling their tunes beneath my breath or singing their songs around the office.

It is a little embarrassing to try and explain why I am singing “Do The Monkey” or “Hot Potato, hot potato.”

What about you? What do you have to add to this list?

From the News

Record year for hurricanes part of a natural cycle

Natural climate conditions, not global warming, created the record-breaking 2005 tropical storm season, the nation’s top hurricane experts said Tuesday.

A Deadly Kiss

Christina Desforges, a Canadian teenager allergic to peanuts actually lost her life after she stole a kiss with her boyfriend who had just consumed a peanut-based snack. The allergy that affects just over a percent of the population caused the 15-year old to go into anaphylactic shock despite an immediately administered adrenalin shot. The girl eventually died four days after the lethal kiss of respiratory failure.

Berenstain Bears co-creator dead

Stan Berenstain was 82In more than 200 books, the Berenstain Bears, written and illustrated by Stan and Jan Berenstain, helped children for 40 years cope with trips to the dentist, eating junk food and cleaning their messy rooms.

Hate Mail

If you buy into the argument that there is no such thing as bad PR I suppose that you could make the argument that hate mail is a good thing for a blogger to receive.

During the two weeks that I have been blogging I have posted somewhere in the neighborhood of 3000 posts. Those 3000 posts generated 19.21 comments and led to the creation of 1,768,987 pieces of hatemail.

If you say that each piece of hatemail contained roughly 125 words you can see that I could easily use those words and create a book the size of War and Peace. I should add that one of my fans told me that “I was a horuble writer and incapeable of writing War and Piece.”

I am rather disappointed that they disappeared because they made me smile. I briefly played around with the idea of writing a screenplay titled War and Piece. It was going to be the tale of this lady and this fellow. The lady had three daughters and the man had three sons and they had this crazy housekeeper. It was going to cover their lives but I couldn’t think of anything funny so I dropped it.

For that matter there was the mail I received in which I was told that I am neither witty nor funny. It was so disappointing. All this time I thought that I was and that if I only learned how to tell a funnier joke than The Aristocrats I would be famous.

A friend of mine wanted me to tell the story about the small start up he worked for and the short man who ran it. He was this pasty faced buffoon who could have starred as the Emperor in the The Emperor Has No Clothes. A diminutive, petulant and punitive man he was a bully who was insecure in his own skin.

I thought about really getting into that and realized that it bored me, but not as much as being stuck in cleveland would.

The interesting thing about hate mail is that so many of the people who send it continue to keep reading me. I am intrigued by that. There is something kind of funny about people who say that they hate you yet refuse to stop reading you. They must be jealous or maybe it is because I own them.

Ok, enough of this.

The Politcs of Muhammad Ali

Daniel Pipes has a very interesting column about Muhammad Ali. I was rather disturbed by what Pipes wrote about Ali. In part I was disturbed because I have considered myself to be a fan of his and some of the things in the essay made me shake my head.

Some of what I read was new to me and while I think that Pipes is well educated and informed I wonder about the veracity of these claims. They may be accurate or maybe they are not. If anyone can provide confirmation I would be interested.

Here is an excerpt:

“As he aged, Ali did become more devout, but in unfortunate directions. He declared himself against “the entire power structure” in America, which he declared was run by Zionists who “are really against the Islam religion.”

I surfed around and found some other comments that were attributed to him that were far more disturbing and aggressive in their tone.

Anyway, if anyone knows anything more I am interested.

P.S. I am well aware of the circumstances surrounding his refusal to serve in Vietnam, it is the statements about Jews and Zionism that I wonder about.