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The Most Popular Story in the Jblogosphere

The Most Popular Story in the Jblogosphere is the Hulk Hogan video about Kashrut. Orieyenta picked up on this last November. But within the last two weeks I have seen the video running on more than 27 Jblogs, including my own.

And that is why I am declaring it to be January’s most popular story in the Jblogosphere. If you haven’t seen it here it is again.

A Lack Of Judgement

Life is not black and white. Sometimes you need to take a step back and carefully consider your actions. This story just makes me shake my head.

TAMPA, Florida (AP) — A college student who told police she had been raped was jailed for two days after officers found an old warrant accusing her of failing to pay restitution for a 2003 theft arrest.

While she was behind bars, a jail worker refused to give her a second dose of the morning-after contraceptive pill because of the worker’s religious convictions, the college student’s attorney said.

The 21-year-old woman was released Monday only after attorney Vic Moore reported her plight to the local media.

“Shocked. Stunned. Outraged. I don’t have words to describe it,” Moore said. “She is not a victim of any one person. She is a victim of the system. There’s just got to be some humanity involved when it’s a victim of rape.”

Moore said the young woman was not allowed to take the second emergency contraceptive pill until Monday afternoon, a day late, after reporters called police and jail officials.

Tampa Police Chief Steve Hogue said the arrest led to a new policy Tuesday that tells officers not to arrest a crime victim who has suffered injury or mental trauma whenever “reasonably possible.” The agency also apologized to the student.

“Obviously, any policy that allows a sexual battery victim to spend a night in jail is a flawed policy,” police spokeswoman Laura McElroy said.

The woman is not being identified by The Associated Press because she reported being the victim of a sex crime.

Tampa attorney Jennifer D’Angelo, who represents the jail worker, said Tuesday that her client is prohibited from giving inmates any medication without specific orders. The worker insists she never discussed religion with the woman who reported being raped.”

Telling The Kids That You Are Going To Die

GRAYSLAKE, Illinois (AP) — Seven-year-old Nicholas Chamernik had rarely seen his parents cry. So he felt a pang of worry when he looked up one evening to see his father wiping away tears.

“Dad, what’s wrong?” he asked.

Jim Chamernik was too choked up to respond. After 18 months of grasping for answers, he and his wife, Aimee, finally had an explanation for symptoms Aimee had been having — slurred speech and weakness in her right arm among them. The diagnosis was Lou Gehrig’s disease, a degenerative condition of the nervous system, also known as ALS.

There is no cure. But how could they explain that to their eldest son, the first in the family to notice his mom’s slurring, when she read him bedtime stories?

How, they wondered, do you tell a child that his mom is dying?

Wow. That has got to be so darn hard. I can’t imagine being placed in that position.

This Made Me Smile

If you find flying the friendly skies to be challenging because of annoying seat mates you could try this. Just be prepared for the consequences. Oy.

(P.S. This is not an endorsement of said practice. My in-house counsel made me write that.)

Caught My Eye- Hookers, Robots & More

Robot Parking Garage to Open in New York

Would you trust a robot to park your car? The question will confront New Yorkers in February as the city’s first robotic parking opens in Chinatown. The technology has had a good track record overseas, but the only other public robotic garage in the United States has been troublesome, dropping vehicles and trapping cars because of technical glitches.

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Woman MP demands hookers for the troops

A top female politician ín Holland wants Dutch prostitutes sent abroad with the troops to help them relax.

Annemarie Jorritsma, a politician for the centre-right People’s Party for Freedom and Democracy (VVD) and the mayor of the town of Almere, went on national Dutch TV to demand the ‘extra benefits’ for soldiers.

She added: “The army must think about how their soldiers can let off some steam.”

How about some PandaMonium.