He Was Wrong- There Is Money in Sex and Video Games

A thousand years ago when your loyal host was a wee school boy he was told by a teacher that video games were a waste of time that would never lead anywhere.

The same man suggested that video games were no different than pornographic movies and that those who engaged in either pursuit were challenged. Had I been a bit older I might have asked him if he was calling me a deviant but I wasn’t so I didn’t.

Just to set the record straight I never said anything to him about porn. This incident took place when I was in junior high and the last thing I would have admitted to then was having looked at any sort of magazine that had naked pictures in it, aside from National Geographic.

Good old National Geographic was safe because it was considered educational.

Billion Dollar Industries

I wonder if he would remember that discussion or if it would be considered obnoxious if I told him his 19th century sensibilities were dated during our 20th century education and are even more ridiculous now in the 21st century.

Ok, that may not be fair but I have an issue with teachers who think it is their job to stomp on the dreams of their students.

So why did I include the  infographic that is located below the post here? You might suggest there was some idea of helping with traffic and SEO efforts and I would say that it is not necessarily the kind of traffic I am focused on.

But I would also say I find the information contained in this to be fascinating. $15 billion per year is an amount I can’t begin to wrap my head around. It is simply incredible.

From a business perspective I can’t help but play around with ideas in my head and wonder what I could do to secure a half percent of that $15 billion. That would be a very good year.

I also have to acknowledge that my views might be more Victorian in nature than I imagine.

Would I be willing to sell sex toys or open up a sex shop?

I am not sure and it has everything to do with my children. I need to think about this a bit. I try not to make knee jerk reactions.

And this my friends is part of why I love blogging. The chance to think “out loud” and figure things out is invaluable.

Big Money- Check it out

Adam and Eve sex toys graphic

Presented by Adam and Eve – Scandalous Facts You Didn’t Know About Sex Toys

Improve Your Health- Have More Sex

CNN has the news:

“Researchers have long known that not only is sex fun (when done with the right person, of course), but that people who have frequent sex tend to live longer and have healthier hearts and lower rates of certain cancers. These studies also show that men with an active sex life have healthier sperm, and sexually active women have fewer menopause symptoms.”

The story goes on to report that studies show the following benefits as well:

1. A longer life
2. A healthier heart
3. Lower blood pressure
4. Lower risk of breast cancer
5. Lower risk of prostate cancer
6. Pain relief
7. A slimmer physique
8. Better testosterone levels
9. Fewer menopause symptoms
10. Healthier semen     

San Francisco & The Healthy Penis

And people claim that LA is weird. The Bay Area takes the cake. Please, they have inferior sports teams and an undeserved superiority complex and a bizarre mascot.

San Francisco, home of the trolley cars, Rice O’Roni and The Big Dick.

“Yup, the Healthy Penis campaign is back in San Francisco and organizers claim it is better than ever. Not since the Sexual Harassment Panda or Larry the Lobster has a mascot been so confusing.

Only in San Francisco (believe us they tried to move the campaign to Los Angeles and our neighbors to the south were not too excited) is a campaign that may be headed by the worst, at least the strangest, mascot in history. An effort to educate people about syphilis is spearheaded (sorry) by an eight foot healthy penis and his friends.

The campaign began in 2002 after the San Francisco Department of Health conducted several focus groups to see how best to raise (sorry) awareness about syphilis in the city and how best to persuade gay men to get screened.

The city says the campaign was a huge (sorry) success because it led to a significant decrease in syphilis cases. The Healthy Penis was later introduced in in Los Angeles, Portland, Philadelphia, Seattle, Santa Clara County and in Winnipeg, Canada but in a less provocative way we’re told.

The campaign has expanded (sorry) to include an African-American penis named Byron the Penis and a Hispanic penis named Pedro the Penis as well. The original penis Clark is heading up the campaign and is still the most recognizable penis in the city. Phil the Sore is also back in the campaign trying to cause all the havoc that syphilis causes. Maybe the scariest part of it all is that the three penises have Facebook and My Space pages, while Phil has his own regularly updated Twitter

One Way People Are Passing The Time

Is anyone really surprised by this story from the BBC:

A YouGov survey of 2,000 adults found sex was the most popular free activity, ahead of window shopping and gossiping.

The Scots were most amorous with 43% choosing sex over other pastimes, compared with 35% in South England.

Aids charity the Terrence Higgins Trust, which published the survey, also welcomed recent figures showing an increase in condom sales.

Around one in 10 respondents to the survey, carried in November, said their favourite free activity was window shopping and 6% chose going to a museum as the cheapest way to pass the time.

But the sexes differed on their priorities, with women preferring to gossip with friends while men had sex firmly at the top of their list.

Sex And Marriage- They have It Every Day

Believe it or not, I sometimes choose not to blog about a topic or decide that I need to rethink a post. When that happens I save it as a draft with the intention to revisit it later on. Every now and then I forget to revisit the draft and the post languishes in limbo.

Anyhoo, I just “discovered” this half finished post and from June and decided to finish it and share it with you.

The New York Times is running an article about a couple of married couples and their experience having sex every day. It generated some discussion among various people I know so I thought that I’d throw it out here. So let’s grab a couple of excerpts from the article.

“Or would you turn to your mate and say, “Honey, you know, I’ve been thinking. Why don’t we do it for the next 365 days in a row?”

That’s more or less what happened to Charla and Brad Muller. And in another example of an erotic adventure supplanting married ennui, a second couple, Annie and Douglas Brown, embarked on a similar, if abbreviated journey: 101 straight days of post-nuptial sex.

Both couples document their exploits in books published this month, the latest entries in what is almost a mini-genre of books offering advice about the “sex-starved marriage.” The couples, though, are hardly similar. The Mullers are Bible-studying steak-eating Republicans from Charlotte, N.C. The Browns are backpacking multigrain northerners who moved to Boulder, Colo.”

I suspect that for a basic need like sex we’d find more similarities among people than differences. Although I would imagine that culture plays a big role. The emphasis added in the next excerpt is my own.

“According to a 2004 study, “American Sexual Behavior,” by the National Opinion Research Center at the University of Chicago, married couples have intercourse about 66 times a year. But that number is skewed by young marrieds, as young as 18, who couple, on average, 109 times a year.

Either way, those statistics put the Mullers and Browns in Olympic-record territory. That they thought a sex marathon would reinvigorate their marriages might say as much about the American penchant for exercise and goal-setting as it does about the state of romance.

But the couples may also be on to something. “There’s a strong relationship between rating your marriage as happy and frequency of intercourse,” said Tom W. Smith, who conducted the “American Sexual Behavior” study. “What we can’t tell you is what the causal relationship is between the two. We don’t know whether people who are happy in their marriage have sex more, or whether people who have sex more become happy in their marriages, or a combination of those two.”

I can’t say that I find that last ‘graph to be particularly surprising or insightful. Not trying to be snarky, but it straddles the fence a bit too strongly for my taste.

This made sense to me:

“Charla Muller and Annie Brown both talk about how mandated physical intimacy created more emotional intimacy. “It required a daily kindness and forgiveness, and not being cranky or snarky, that I don’t think either of us had experienced before,” Charla said.

Annie said that she and her husband reached a place in their relationship that they have seldom approached since. “It was just this intense closeness,” she said. “We were so aware of wherever the other person was mentally and emotionally and physically.”

What do you think?