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Hardwood Floors- The Joys of Homeownership

I often sing the praises of hardwood floors. I love them. They exude warmth, beauty and unlike carpet they don’t hide all sorts creatures. However, hardwood floors do present some challenges of their own. The primary issue is trying to prevent them from being scratched or marred.

If you have young children you can appreciate just how challenging this is. They throw, drop and bang toys on the floors. They drag chairs and other items through the house and inevitably the floors begin to show signs of the presence of said children.

In my own home there are some spots that are downright embarrassing. I very much want to have my floors refinished but I am hesitant to do so because I am concerned that the kids are going to scratch them up again.

Here is the thing, I don’t want my house to be treated like a museum. I want the kids to play. I want them feel comfortable here. It is their home too. So the trick is trying to find a balance so that this is not used as a playground but not treated as a hospital ward either.

And there you have my dilemma. I am beginning to hate the way that the floors look but I don’t want to throw away money either. What to do, what to do.

The Quest For Parental Validation

I wonder, do we ever reach an age at which we are no longer interested in parental validation. This is not to suggest that I have never gone against my parent’s wishes or suggestions. My life is a long list of going against the grain.

But nonetheless I’d be lying if I said that I prefer to receive my parent’s approval. I do.

I suppose that what makes me think of this is because as a father I see my own children seeking my own approval. They’re always asking me to watch them do something. “Abba, come see what I can do!” “Abba, look at this!” It really is nice. They make me smile.

I love my children. Sometimes it is tough to keep up with them. They have endless amounts of energy and I’d be lying if I said that sometimes it is hard to look at every little thing they do. So every now and then I slip out of father mode and back into the son.

And then I remember how it feels and I am rejuvenated. It is my wish that I always remember to give them the time they deserve even when I am tired. They deserve it.

Hanging Out At The Muqata

I received a few emails from some readers asking me why things seem slow here. The answer is that I am still hanging out at The Muqata. Check it out, there are some pretty good posts over there.

Howard Cosell Interviews Lynda Carter

Sorry, this just made me laugh.

Tonight We’re Serving The Baby Jesus

Talk about a special barbecue. This is not exactly what you might expect to find at Jeff’s Sausages. Speaking of Jeff’s Sausages if you perform a Google search for Jeff’s Sausages you’ll find that the Gun Slingin’ Chopped Liver Chef is almost top dog.

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