Have You Ever Lost Something Precious?

Walking Into The Gates of Hell.

Walking Into The Gates of Hell.

They didn’t say goodbye. There were no screams of terror or exclamations of surprise. They simply disappeared and I can’t tell you how or why.

One moment they were here and then they were gone and now I am…bereft.

I shouldn’t be. It is not the first time this has happened and thought I will do all in my power to see it doesn’t happen again I suspect it will.

Technology will fail me and the words will slip and slide right off of the page.

What Are You Looking For?

That was the name of the post I had started. The words started coming slowly for me but it didn’t take long for me to find my rhythm and I felt good about what I produced…proud.

But somehow it only saved part of my work.

5 Songs

  1. Let It Go- Frozen (Yeah, my daughter sings this daily.)
  2. It Was A Very Good Year- Frank Sinatra
  3. South Side- Moby
  4. Death and Transfiguration- Hancock Soundtrack
  5. The Hustle- Van McCoy

How To Wrestle With Faith Or Sex Doesn’t Always Sell seems appropriate to start this post off for reasons I can’t quite articulate. What I do know is that more than a few of you spent time today looking around this place which always makes me wonder, what ever are you looking for?

I see that you hung out on the About me page and I wonder if you liked what you saw. Did you find post(s) that made you happy or sad? Were you impressed or disappointed?

Am I presenting the right sort of image or should I make a point to revisit the page to update, revise and or adjust things.

Rolling With The Punches

Now I’ll do as I teach my children to do, I’ll roll with the punches but instead of trying to recreate what I lost I’ll go a different direction.

Today I’ll say again my goal is to become a master wordsmith and offer some links to words I have written about writing. You may read them or you may not.

It is your choice.

My goal is to practice and polish my profession so that I reach a place where my skill will be such that when I call upon the words they will answer my call, regardless of time or situation.

Rip Open Your Chest

Every time I write I do my best to rip open my chest and bleed across the words. Some will call that hyperbole and accuse me of unnecessary hysteria but I don’t care.

Write in a way that works for you.

My experience has repeatedly shown me that tears on the page come after you bleed. We may not be face to face but we connect here and if we were face to face it is unlikely I would open up to you as I often do here.

Maybe it is a maturity thing or maybe it is a comfort thing, maybe it is both things.

But I am slow to trust you with what lies beneath the surface.

For The Children

Much of what you see contained within is for my children. These are the words that will offer more insight and explanation into their father.

Perhaps it will be of interest. Maybe one day years after I have gone wherever we go they’ll come to the blog and hear the echoes of dad and remember a father’s love crosses time and space.

And when they are much older and they are talking to their grandchildren and the generations that follow they can use these pages to bring pieces of me to life again and maybe for a short while we’ll be together once more.

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  1. Stan Faryna February 10, 2014 at 9:12 pm

    You might consider printing a hard copy as Plan B to the legacy. Just in case the trust that you established forgets to pay for the domain name and/or hosting.

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