The Most Valuable Part Of Blogging

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The most valuable part of blogging isn’t as easily defined by a single statement made by a simple writer.

Perhaps it lies in the lessons learned and shared in The Power Of Money- The End of The Innocence or The Song Of My Heart Makes My Soul Sing.

These are the pyramids that contain the hieroglyphic tales of moments in time that changed my life and that of my children.

If you believe that things happen for a reason than I stumbled upon them tonight so that I could revisit the words I once placed upon paper and remember what was or maybe learn what I didn’t get before.

Jack Steiner, The Blog Archeologist

You are invited to join me engage in some blogging archeology. I promise it will be short.

“There is a big difference between need and want. I know the difference because I have had countless hours to think about it.  I have dedicated more than a moment to determining what is and what shall be.

And I am paying a price for it. I am taking a beating in a million different ways because it has to be this way…for now. That is because when you make certain choices in life you find out that as you close doors they lock behind you. You can’t go backwards and there is no exit other than that at the end of the tunnel- so you go through.”
The Song Of My Heart Makes My Soul Sing


We all have our filters that influence our experiences which is part of why I laugh when people say they are telling me like it is.

What that really means to me is making sure my children understand that when I refer to a question of dignity it is because I want them to treat people well and not like garbage. I want them to understand what it is like to be a good friend.

I don’t know if they realize how many different life experiences they have had. They have confronted death more than once and learned about letting go. I am working on making sure they learn to know their own worth because it is exceptionally important.

But I would be lying if I said that a part  of me wished that I could protect their innocence from some of these things just a little bit longer. The Power Of Money- The End of The Innocence

The Value Of Digging A Little Deeper

A reader once complained about my approach to writing posts and suggested I work harder to get straight to the point because he said otherwise people wouldn’t stick around to read.

I wrote a polite thank you and explained I had no interest in becoming someone else so that people would like me better.

We all have our personal taste and no one is forced to read anything here…ever.


I’ll beat the dead horse again and praise the value of writing down my thoughts so that I understand better what I think and believe and why.

Those excerpts we read together are giant beacons that I use to mark the moments when I recognized and accepted that I couldn’t live as I was and had to work on moving into the future.

If I hadn’t done that I am not sure I would have ever moved to Texas.

If I hadn’t moved to Texas I wouldn’t be hellbent on doing what it takes to move back. I wouldn’t be focused on chasing some dreams that are of paramount importance to me.

One of the most important lessons I want my children to learn is that if you ever determine you don’t like the life you are living you have the ability to change it.

Sometimes those changes are so big it is impossible not to be frightened by them. It is impossible not to want to stay in your comfort zone and deal with the devil you know.

I used to be that man but I am not anymore.

It sounds like hyperbole but I feel like someone held me by the ankles and dipped my entire body in a giant fire.

You don’t survive that shit by just letting yourself dangle in the flames.

Expectations and Intentions

Some people have asked me to explain myself. They have questioned my expectations and intentions not remembering I don’t owe anyone but myself an answer.

That doesn’t mean I am not capable of providing one but in some cases I refuse to engage because I am not interested in being told why I shouldn’t do something.


Because the reasons why are the same as being told to wear a sweater because someone else is cold. I don’t do that.

Or sometimes their reasons for trying to sell me on doing something else are based in fear and I won’t let their fear of what might happen prevent me from finding out what could be.

My children know I am the guy who says that good intentions are not a good excuse for stupid decisions. But the great contradiction of life is that sometimes you have to act on good intentions because you can’t know what happens until you do.

My expectation is that I will do my best to be the captain of my destiny and manage my intentions so that I come out on the other side feeling like I did what I had to do to feel comfortable with the life I have chosen to live.

In other words I feel like my current situation is crushing my spirit and my soul is screaming.

You can call that hyperbole or poetry and I won’t waste one moment of thought upon it because I can’t stand still.

I am running with the moon now.

Life Is Not Either/Or

The other thing I want my children to recognize is that life is rarely an either/or proposition.

If things go as I hope the changes I am trying to make will lead to some very good things but I don’t expect all that to happen overnight.

Some of it might take months and some of it might take years. I am good with that.

Nothing wrong with working for positive changes.

The only thing wrong is not working for changing your life for the better is not doing so because you are afraid of what could happen.

What do you think?

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  1. Jens-Petter Berget May 20, 2015 at 4:36 am

    The most valuable part of blogging isn’t that obvious to me. I have discovered three that has made a huge impact on my life (personal and business), three that I didn’t think much about when I started blogging: – relationships – research – career

    I have met some brilliant people (you included) on my blogging journey, people I wouldn’t have met if I didn’t blog. At the same time I have been researching various topics related to my blog and the research has helped me with work and I have a lot more knowledge and information about important topics now. And, my career has taken a completely different and magical path.

  2. Larry May 19, 2015 at 6:55 pm

    I loved this line: My children know I am the guy who says that good intentions are not a good excuse for stupid decisions.

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