Another New Year’s Eve Post No One Reads

Welcome to Another New Year’s Eve Post No One Reads.

Consider this an exercise in free writing or a journey with no particular destination in mind.  Ask me why I said it is another Another New Year’s Eve Post No One Reads and I’ll tell you it is because I expect very few people to show up here, not on this particular day.

Of course you never really know how much truth there is or isn’t in proclamations about blogging and readers.

You never can tell for certain what posts will resonate and generate tons of pageviews/comments and what will lead to a deep and extended silence.

Twenty-five years ago I would have been at a party I hosted with friends, looking for a woman to spend the night with, assuming I didn’t have a girlfriend.

And even if I found a woman I was truly interested in there was no certainty that she would be interested in me or that I would actually act upon any desires because some times it was just more fun to hang out with friends.

All That Pressure

Ah yes, the good old days when there was all that pressure to try and have a date for New Year’s Eve or at least someone to kiss at midnight.

I can remember a few years when there were none and your good female friend would give you a big hug and sometimes a kiss on the lips along with a greeting of “Happy New Year.”

Those were the days before kids when we were new to the world and the workforce.

We didn’t think about retirement as being something close enough to see or wonder if it was worth staying up to midnight because the kids would be up really early the next day.

And then we blinked a couple of times and the kids were excited about staying up to midnight and or asking for rides to parties.

“Dad, can I celebrate with Mike? His parents will be home and I’ll sleep over there.”

And part of me smiles while another part wonders how long it will be before girls/boys and alcohol/drugs will be a real issue.

Not to say we haven’t had those conversations because we have but we’re pretty certain that it is not an issue now, might be later, but not today.

And now a musical intermission.

Aretha can still sing, there is a whole song/movie/story tied up in that thing. Layers upon layers.

And now a message, er thought for the new year.


I went to a funeral today and listened to stories about a dear friend’s father and was impressed by the list of accomplishments.

A doctor who saved and changed lives, a man who it sounded like did all that he could do with what he had.

I knew him, but not well.

And it made me think again about the goals I have for my life and the ideas I have for the kind of future I want.

But it also made me think that it might be fun to create another dozen or so identifies for me so that when people talk about me at my funeral there will be far too much say so they’ll have to go for the default, “he was a nice guy who made the world a better place and saved mankind.

More About New Years

I went looking for posts I wrote about New Years and somehow came upon this piece about cleveland which will probably surprise the Shmata Queen ‘cuz she thinks I hate that burning river land.

Of course it wouldn’t surprise her as much as kissing me on New Years’ Eve, but that is the sort of electrical connection not spoken about here.

Anyhoo as I searched for the old posts I came across Your Way, My Way and The Hard Way and Cheaper Than A $5 Whore With Less Risk of Infection.

Not to mention The Fifty Posts You Didn’t Read On New Year’s Eve, which is one I wrote last year and a piece of fiction called New Year’s Eve that received a huge amount of traffic a few years back.

Sometimes Life Is A Lewis Black Moment

Ever notice how sometimes life is like one giant Lewis Black moment. I tend to think about his horse and college bit, which you can listen to now if you’d like.

Or alternatively you can read the words below and wonder if they are funnier, more interesting or more profound when heard/read in their entirety.

But every so often, somethin’ like that happens: ‘If it weren’t for my horse, I wouldn’t have spent that year in college.’ So your brain goes, ‘LET’S FIGURE IT OUT! Son of a bitch!

And that my friends brings me to the final point of the evening, sometimes no matter how hard we try we never get as much information or insight about the hard questions in our lives.

There is almost always a piece of the puzzle that you cannot answer or identify without taking that step into the great unknown.

You take a risk for a reward or you accept that what you have now is all you’ll have later.

That is not always a bad thing, but sometimes it is not enough either.

The choice is yours, always has been.

Happy New Year, here is to a 2016 that is better than the past because it exceeds our expectations and our dreams.

Time to for this old man to go have some pizza and watch a movie.

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  1. Miss Bougie January 3, 2016 at 1:37 am

    Happy New Year from Paris, Jack.
    So you see, your blog does get around! Bonne Année, Bonne santé.

  2. Julie January 1, 2016 at 11:13 am

    Ah, the great unknown… I will settle for people who immediately know what I mean when I say,”If it weren’t for my horse…” but I won’t settle for much else. If I was kissing someone at midnight, it was only in my dreams and I’ve forgotten it 🙂

    Happy new year, it’s going to be one like never before, bet on it.

  3. glasgowdragonfly December 31, 2015 at 10:53 pm

    I’m here Jack! Happy new year from Scotland X

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