Welcome To The Days Of Uncertainty

This was the nastiest and strangest campaign I have seen and I unhappy with the results.

My displeasure with Trump isn’t limited to my concerns about his positions on women and minorities or how he seems to be the personification of an ‘adult toddler.’

It is focused on my concern regarding his lack of political experience which is not a benefit or asset in his new position.

The country isn’t constructed to be run in the same manner as a business and there are significant differences.

Add the lack of experience to an inability to determine what his core beliefs are and toss the aforementioned concerns about women and minorities and it is an ugly looking dish.


Welcome To The Days Of Uncertainty

I am surprised by how disappointed I am in the results which tells me how wrapped up I have been with other issues.

Had I not been so damn preoccupied with the crazy personal stuff I would have been more cognizant of just how badly I didn’t want him to win.

But unless something changes he has and it is time to look forward in a different way. Time to hope he exceeds expectations and that things go well.

It is not a great feeling to look at the screen and wonder if I am being foolish or naive but as I told my teenager elections are funny things.

Sometimes our candidate wins and sometimes they lose and you never really know how good or how bad some things will be until they get into office and start working.

All we have now is some information about what Trump says he will do and the concern about the impact of those promises, assuming he follows through on them.

I take that as Einstein wrote, it is information and not knowledge.

Is The Sun Rising Or Setting?

Perspective is an interesting thing.

If you look at the picture at the top of the page you can see it as the sun rising or the sun setting.


The funny thing about it is when you think about the dawn of a new day or the end of one you can put positive or negative spins upon it.

Could be the start of a great day or the end of a long one. Could be a horrible beginning or a horrible end.

Or maybe it is a combination of them.


Made a point to tell my kids I love them and to try not to worry about trouble that hasn’t come because that is not the best use of our time and energy.

Didn’t tell them I feel a bit shellshocked because it would contradict what I said and there is no reason to upset them more.

It really may be better than we hope and if it is not, well no need to worry now about what isn’t here.

Because we still have to take care of our daily responsibilities and that won’t change regardless of who is president.

I am not a fan of the days of uncertainty, but we have to play the cards we are dealt and I have my poker face on.

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  1. Gail November 10, 2016 at 6:25 am

    I think the fact things are uncertain may be a good thing. Right now Trump is all talk. My worry is liberals will succeed in ousting him and then we will get a REAL right wing conservative in Mike Pence. A man who isn’t just talk. A man who has proven by his policies to have a very specific agenda.

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