The Most Brazen Approach To Blogging…Ever

Sometimes the best posts I write are rooted in the most painful experiences of my life. The darkest moments where I felt the dumbest, most helpless and most foolish provide ridiculous amounts of blog fodder and generally the most feedback. Maybe it is because people relate to whatever I am writing about or maybe the […]

This Post Is Better Than Sex On The Beach

Don’t look now but that picture isn’t of people having sex on the beach nor will it change by clicking on it. It is not like the blurry version of that crazy US Air tweet and might I add that I didn’t appreciate someone emailing a copy the not safe for work version to my […]

Who Are You & What Do You Do For A Living?

“Perhaps A Career In Misanthropy would suit me better but today I am a writer.” I went to a dinner party last night where I knew about half of the people there, some of them from when I was a high school student but most for not as long. Wine and Scotch were poured and […]

Does Your Writing Ever Bore You?

Sometimes I read posts on personal blogs and I wonder if the writer was bored by their own work and if so, why they published it. I tend to dislike much of what I write but I often post it because it helps me measure my progress. One of the goals is to become a […]

69 Reasons Why Social Media Makes Us More Stupid

Some might say I fought a balrog in the Mines of Moria and that I came out victorious. Others might argue no such thing happened and that I played a different role in the affairs of Middle Earth. You might think the Shmata Queen can tell you about the who, what,where and when of it […]