5 Posts & 5 Songs

If I had been born in a different time and or place I think I might have been a Blacksmith. There is something about it that attracts me, metal, fire, will and hard work all melding together to make something special and useful out of disparate parts. Writing reminds me of it. It is a […]

Writers Need Pinterest

Sometimes The Shmata Queen tries to pick on me for using Pinterest but I always remind her that a good writer finds Pinterest to be exceptionally useful. That is because my boards are filled with bits and pieces of things that interest and inspire me. The opening quote I used in  This Post Is Not About […]

Stop Worrying About Whether Anyone Reads Your Blog

I often write about the 17 long time readers but I know I have more than that. If I looked up the stats for everyone who follows via RSS, Jetpack subscriptions and or other methods I would come up with a much larger number and then I would ask myself if it really matters. Once […]

Who Blogs For The Love Of Writing?

Who Blogs For The Love Of Writing? Does anyone do this anymore because they are compelled to write for the love of writing and not because they hope to be discovered. Does anyone write because they have so many stories floating inside their head they feel like they might explode if they don’t put something […]