Learn How To Write More Interesting Posts

I publish more content than most people. Part of that is because blogging is how I prepare for work. It is like priming the pump or stretching before a game. This story that I am working on is a hell of a lot of fun but part of that is because it is different. I find […]

16 Sensational Ways To Murder Using Linkbait

I haven’t ever defenestrated someone but I imagine there is something very rewarding about it because every time I see it happen on television or in a movie there is a huge smile on the face of the person that did it. Can’t say I recall a smile on the face of the person who […]

What It Takes To Be A Writer

Stephen King is a friend but not in the Facebook way of friendship but that is ok with me because I am not someone who is willing to limit myself to conventional definitions of relationships which is probably tied into why some people wonder if I am in touch with reality. But as I always tell […]

What Is Your Blog About?

Sometimes I talk about myself as a being a dad blogger. Sometimes I talk about myself as being a writer. Truth is that I write and talk about many different things because I have many different interests. As a professional writer and marketer that serves me well. You do better when you are a curious […]