Understanding The Popularity Of Your Most Popular Posts


Every now and then I like to see what the various plugins and stat counters recognize as the most popular posts here. I find it kind of interesting and there is some utility to understanding which post(s) generates the most traction and attraction.

In theory you can use that data to produce more content around the popular stuff and grow your readership. Most of the time I find that my favorite posts are rarely on these lists.

Writing popular material is both science and art so it is not surprising to see that things I love aren’t always given the same praise by others.

And here my friends are what “science” currently show as the Top 15.  Some of them are pretty good, but there are others where I just smile and think “ok, not what I would have picked, but…”

The real question I ask myself is whether I want to tailor more content around some of the topics here.

  1. A Letter To My Children-2011
  2. The Best Cover Letter….Ever
  3. One Slightly Used Pump For Sale
  4. Why Steve Jobs Isn’t Important Now
  5. Some Things I’ll Teach My Children (Updated)
  6. Mean Girls Come From Mean Moms
  7. There Are No Coincidences
  8. It Is The Relationships…Stupid
  9. Things Bloggers Say During Sex
  10. A Severe Case of Bad Blogging
  11. Substance Trumps Pretty Packaging
  12. A Thankless Thanksgiving
  13. My Children Got Too Many Gifts
  14. Do You Live Your Dreams Or Dream Your Life
  15. She Dances
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