It is the week before Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year and introspection is the name of the game.

I am seated at my the new old computer, it is an iMac I inherited and I am quickly becoming enamored with how this sucker works and beginning to think that maybe it is time to be assimilated into the collective.

Don’t have the cash to buy a new computer, but when I do I’ll probably buy a Mac. I like what I see and there is something beautiful about using a 21″ monitor and not relying upon my old laptop. My eyes are still good, had Lasik almost 12 years ago but it doesn’t mean they don’t appreciate not having to work as hard.

Speaking of work I am listening to Gonna Fly Now and thinking about how this is so very appropriate for me. It is the perfect song for a guy who is working to turn things around and get back in shape. Perfect song for reminding myself that hard work is what is required to change my body and change a number of other things that are going on now.

But it is sometimes hard to write with this playing because the little boy that lives inside me has to get up and shadow box and then pound out a set of push ups. When I lived in my old house I would go out to the garage and play this while I was working on my heavy bag.

Some days I go run up the stairs and pretend. I am not in Philadelphia but it doesn’t matter. I know that most guys who are of a certain age and probably a bunch of women hear this song and respond in similar fashion.

Same story comes when I listen to Eye Of The Tiger. I suppose it is worth adding that if I pass by any of the Rocky movies on the old boob tube I have to stop and watch part of them. Can’t help it, I love it and I love watching Rocky overcome the odds to win.

What lies beneath the mist…

What Kind of Blogger Are You?

People still want to know what kind of blogger I consider myself to be. They ask if I am a dad blogger or a business blogger. I am just a writer who is a blogger. I am a father and my children are an enormous part of my life.

How can I not be influenced by what they do and what I try to do for them. How can I not think about them when I write. If a writer is influenced by the life he/she lived and the dreams they have then it would be impossible for me not to include parts and pieces of them in this.

But every now and then I take time to think about it all and to look at what the stats show to be my most popular posts. I stop to read them and try to figure out if they are what I consider to be important and or well written or if they managed to obtain that title in a different way.

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I look at those posts and see a few stand outs. I look at them and wonder if they are worthy of inclusion or promotion.

Some of that is colored by the knowledge that tomorrow is 9-11 and like so many others it is a day that stands apart. No different from December 7th it is another day that shall live in infamy except I lived through this one and watched it changed the world and the lives of millions, if not billions.

And then it all circles back to my thinking about what sort of life I want for my children and the questions I ask about how to make it happen. In between it all I sit and wonder about how I got to be where I am at and just shake my head.

Life is nothing but interesting.

Madoff worth more than $820 million

I am simply disgusted by this man. The damage he has done is immeasurable.