We Are/Were Best Friends

Been thinking about someone and how we are/were best friends and how I don’t know how to classify nor characterize it.

Part of me feels like the root is so strong between us it doesn’t matter and that this is a moment in time and another says I am fooling myself.

The same part asks why waste energy on this because I know as things are this is a complicated issue that isn’t ever going to be viewed in binary terms.

It is unconventional and in some ways unmanageable so I ought to stop viewing it in any terms but gratitude for it brought more joy and awareness than anything.

At moments there is the urge to compare us to magnets that are drawn towards each other. Place some distance between the two and you don’t feel the urge in the same way but as they get closer they start to notice the pull.

Given enough time they will connect because that is what magnets do.

There have been moments where I was certain there had been a demagnetization of the magnet but that never stays top of mind because things happen to make it questionable to buy that line of thought.

I always pay attention to the actions because that is where you find more scientific proof except even that can provide you with misinformation as to the current status and feeling of said magnets.

So in the name of science I move forward to get a closer look at what could, will might or won’t happen.

A Few Quick Words

Middle sister has kept me posted on the state of college applications, starting with her oldest who has already finished his freshman year of university life.

Her middle child is entering senior year and considering a variety of schools based upon education and potential scholarship opportunities.

I am excited for her because in a number of situations she is being recruited for her athletic abilities so that could present some very cool opportunities. Not sure yet if she is going to follow up on those, but I am excited nonetheless for her.

It would have been amazing to have had some of those myself, but I didn’t so perhaps I’ll learn a little bit about what it is like as Uncle Jack and not firsthand.

My dad would have loved to have had the opportunity to watch his granddaughter play, but would have been just as proud if she doesn’t.

Education comes first.

Got so many other things going on and so much to handle, but there are no other options so handle it I shall.

But it would be nice if life was a little simpler.

Clean Up Your Act

The Shmata Queen once told me if I didn’t kiss her several times a day she would be quite cross with me. I asked what that meant and she said it could result in her crossing her legs.

I told her I might just let her do that and say no to her advances and she was none to pleased telling me that would be quite rude.

I laughed and asked her if she wanted more insight into what men sometimes go through. 😉

Now that we have covered that nonsense it is time to focus on the more pressing issue of cleaning up our act here.

Yes, this joint has some pressing needs that require attention. It is what happens when you change themes and make adjustments.

In addition to the standard broken links that show up regardless of what we do there are other technical issues that have to be addressed.

Little goblins that have created issues all over this place causing it to look unprofessional and unkempt.

Soon we shall attend to changing them…I hope. 🙂

Fifteen Minutes In Five

I need 15 minutes to do a proper job of writing this post but only have five so we’ll adapt and overcome.

One of my favorite songs, but for some reason often forget about it.

It is fascinating to me and why some memories stick and others disappear. A mix of good, bad and in between they slumber and rise on their own schedule.

Got some conversations I need and want to have but am not sure when some of those will happen.

Can only control what we can control so we do our best to manage the rest.

Such a strange time of life when you feel like you know everything and nothing. When you know that one call can turn everything around and that it isn’t an impossible dream.

But still it is not as easy as just wishing it into existence.

Some changes are forever, two weeks until the first anniversary of my father’s death. That is one that isn’t going to change, he is gone forever.

If there is an afterlife and we find each other there that would be great, but it doesn’t change things now.

And so we just do our best to roll with the changes.

Times up, five minutes is over.

So Far Away

Got called a Texan, a carpetbagger and a few other choice names during the recent past and so I find myself reading/listening to stories about big earthquakes back home.

It is surreal to hear/read these things and to be so far away, especially with my mom, kids and so many other loved ones there.

The thing is I have lived through thousands of quakes and know the difference between the 4s, 5s and 6s.

It is exponentially different and if you haven’t felt one you don’t know that Mother Nature can make you feel very small without effort. Or maybe you have experienced some other natural event and appreciate some of this.

My daughter is sleeping at a friend’s house. They are without power and she is very calm. It is not the first time she has been through being without power or earthquake.

I talked to her and she was more interested in rushing me off the phone to hang out with her buddy so I was glad for that.

Didn’t tell her it is a little uncomfortable to be so far because there is no reason to. Chances are nothing will happen and there is no reason to worry her, so instead I share it with you.

Other Stories

There are other stories to share and tell but I think I may hold off on those for a bit. Mayhap to share them elsewhere or to wait until the morrow to give them their full due.

Do they have to do with the quote above?

Why yes they do.

Will Soulmates or discussions of soulmates be part of it/them?


For now they remain so far away.