What Happens When You Bite A Lion?

Mr Sad Lion
When the lion charged I could have turned around and run the other direction but I didn’t because I was tired of running and because I wanted to punch that motherfucker in the mouth.

So I did.

One hard right in the nose and he collapsed and started crying. Dude should have called the wizard and told him he needed a refund or another session because he lacked courage.

Of course I have to admit he did manage to hurt me too. Turned my back and he raked me with his claws and that was when I bit him.

Normally I would have popped him in the mouth again but I was frustrated.

What Happens When You Bite A Lion?

I suppose you could say that I am not talking about a real lion here. You could say I was really talking about fear and that what I did was confront my fear but I am not going to because I prefer the original imagery.

I punched a lion and then bit its tail, or should I say tale because no writer worth his/her salt is without a tale. Truth is I have many, some have been written down and others are contained within my head.

That doesn’t mean they won’t one day be put on paper or shared online because they might but for the moment they are…marinating.

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Spell It Out Jack

I am frustrated because I have a very clear idea of what needs to happen in my life for it to go where I want it to and my desires are being thwarted by nonsense.

It feels like I am battling with people about narishkeit, about foolishness. It feels like fear is holding people back from making some hard decisions and I can’t do what has to be done without their agreement.

Well, that is not completely true, I can but it will be messy and I would prefer not to get messy…yet.

There are a couple of posts going around on Facebook now that are making me want to tear my hair out too. I don’t know why it bothers me so much to see people arguing in favor of some of these things, but it is.

Maybe it is all of these things and more. Maybe it is the extended transition that I am in the midst of that is wearing on me.

I knew it was coming. Knew that I would have to go through this moment but it is just grinding on me and I want to let go of it.

Maybe that is what it is about. Maybe it is knowing in my gut and my heart what I need to do and having to confer with others about it that is wearing me out.

More I think about it, the more it makes sense to me.

Do Or Do Not

I am with Yoda, there is do or do not here and I am ready to do. I am ready to walk through the door and determine if the blue skies and sunshine are real or not.

There is no reward without risk.

Speaking of do or do not I need to apply that to going through old posts like the one below to see if the hosting changes screwed anything up.

Yeah, the joy of blogging is such that you are always searching for things like that and broken links. There are pictures that were lost during the change and YouTube videos that no longer work so I need to go through old posts and make sure everything is hunky-dory.

Would love to hear your ideas, thoughts and or comments in the comment section. And if you feel like helping out with a Facebook experiment go like my page and maybe we’ll connect there too.

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  1. Julie Barrett June 6, 2014 at 3:09 am

    In times of turmoil and massive transition, sometimes it is best not to wait. Sometimes it is best to Kick Out The Jams.

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