The Secret To Life Is Not In This Post Or Is it…

The secret to life is not in this post but you might see it in that photograph. Can’t say you’d recognize it but I would argue until eternity that someone who saw it with me knows the answer to that secret. Can’t say for certain if we really would argue about it, they might agree […]

Who Do We Thank For All This?

Sometimes I listen to conversations people have including those I am participating in and I think about how easy it is for us to forget to be grateful for what we have. It is one of those lessons that I have learned from parenting. It is something that comes from reminding my children about the […]

Life In Transition

5 Songs Texas Flood- Stevie Ray Vaughan Don’t Stop Believin’-Journey Knock The Cover Off The Ball- The Natural Soundtrack Levon- Elton John Standing Outside A Broken Phone Booth-Primitive Radio Gods Sitting under the California sun poolside listening to music and all of a sudden I hear Stevie singing this song and the internal video player starts […]

Fear Is A Writer’s Friend

Writing blog posts should scare you but not to the point where you fear to press publish. When you touch raw nerves and share the battered and bruised pieces of your heart you give your readers the opportunity to really get to know you. You give them the chance to see you are not the […]

Troubled Waters? What Troubles Does Water Have?

Grandpa died eight years ago…today. Eight years later I still remember the telephone call telling me to hurry to the hospital and how I did my best to will that Honda to grow wings but even if I didn’t all I have to do is read this and it all comes back. The telephone call […]