I Am The Bruce Lee Of Dad Bloggers

I Am The Bruce Lee Of Dad Bloggers is probably only slightly less obnoxious than calling myself The Original Dad blogger, but not much. But if you want to win the magical game of building your blog you have to market yourself. You can’t rely upon your love of writing to make it work because […]

The Shackled Writer Part II

The Shackled Writer didn’t have to search for mysterious doors or draw circles on the ground to create magic portholes to other places. And he still doesn’t but he looks for those places everywhere he goes, even when he is talking in third person and not using words like you and I. So let’s correct […]

What Door Will You Choose?

“Standing at the crossroads, trying to read the signs To tell me which way I should go to find the answer, And all the time I know, Plant your love and let it grow.” Let It Grow- Eric Clapton A parade of images flow through my mind and as they do I remember people and […]

The Guest Post That Was Too Provocative To Run

Dear XYZ Website, I have a guest post for your consideration. It has now been rejected 1,298 times. I have been told it is too sad, too funny, too weird and too ordinary. Three out of the five editors at one place told me to go find a new house to haunt. I don’t really […]

How To Walk 10,000 Miles Through The Desert

Kenny Chesney is singing Somewhere with You and I am lost in a million different thoughts but probably not what those who know me think I am thinking about. Sometimes I get irritated when I am told they know what I am thinking in a manner that suggests they get it when I know they […]