Is Age Just A State Of Mind?

Saturday morning or maybe early afternoon, clock says it is almost noon now and I am here…with you We moved again and even if I wasn’t surrounded by boxes I would know that I had by the aches and pains that haven’t just come for a short visit. Hired movers because I knew this wasn’t […]

Someone Tell Kinnear I Love Non Sequiturs

Someone tell Kinnear I love Non Sequiturs and that if he wants I can put him in a post. Could make him the roommate in One Slightly Used Pump For Sale but he seems like a nice guy and that would be a hell of a way to treat a man from Utah. Billy Joel is […]

No One Wants To Read A Dad Blog

The Right Words don’t always flow from my fingertips with the kind of ease I want, need or require. Sometimes I have to do more than sit at the keyboard and start typing. Sometimes I close my eyes and revisit the hard, painful and frustrating moments and sometimes I take a look back at the […]

Have You Ever Lost Something Precious?

They didn’t say goodbye. There were no screams of terror or exclamations of surprise. They simply disappeared and I can’t tell you how or why. One moment they were here and then they were gone and now I am…bereft. I shouldn’t be. It is not the first time this has happened and thought I will […]

Standing On The Outside Looking In

Middle school is an awkward and uncomfortable time of life for many of us or so we are told. I remember hearing from parents, teachers and after school specials that we all feel weird and that it goes away. But I don’t know if it ever really did for me. I am not sure if […]