Someone Tell Kinnear I Love Non Sequiturs

Someone tell Kinnear I love Non Sequiturs and that if he wants I can put him in a post. Could make him the roommate in One Slightly Used Pump For Sale but he seems like a nice guy and that would be a hell of a way to treat a man from Utah. Billy Joel is […]

No One Wants To Read A Dad Blog

The Right Words don’t always flow from my fingertips with the kind of ease I want, need or require. Sometimes I have to do more than sit at the keyboard and start typing. Sometimes I close my eyes and revisit the hard, painful and frustrating moments and sometimes I take a look back at the […]

Have You Ever Lost Something Precious?

They didn’t say goodbye. There were no screams of terror or exclamations of surprise. They simply disappeared and I can’t tell you how or why. One moment they were here and then they were gone and now I am…bereft. I shouldn’t be. It is not the first time this has happened and thought I will […]

Standing On The Outside Looking In

Middle school is an awkward and uncomfortable time of life for many of us or so we are told. I remember hearing from parents, teachers and after school specials that we all feel weird and that it goes away. But I don’t know if it ever really did for me. I am not sure if […]

What Is The Most Painful Thing You Have Experienced?

Grandma and grandpa were married for 76 years, but best friends for 85. They met when they were both 11 years-old and by the time they died if you asked questions about grandma’s family sometimes she would laugh and tell us to ask grandpa because he remembered better than she did. A few years back […]