The Paper Jam

A paper jam is never the way you want to start your day and it is not because you are naive enough to believe that technology is supposed to work as intended.

Always and intended are words that come to mind along with sucker and ‘Good luck.’

Speaking of always and intended I am wrestling with those things.

Only a juvenile expects things to never change hopes things will magically fall into place if and when things change.

Because you know that is a reasonable–to expect that some things will continue forever or at least the people you expect to be there will always be.

Still Drunk

I may not post as much new material here but I am still drunk on writing. I probably write with the same frequency as ever, if not more.

It is the only way you can keep your skills sharp and or improve. Both are important to me.

So I am still pushing, just doing it a bit differently than I used to.

But that doesn’t mean I have come to love or appreciate paper jams or any sort of technology failure.

Fortunately I am usually adept at figuring them out, but I wouldn’t mind not having to do so anymore.


9,983,983 Words About Tablets

I wanted an iPad in the worst way because I thought it was really cool and would be really useful.

But I was wrong.

It is cool but not useful in the way I want or need it to be.

I can’t type fast enough on it to make it work for me as a tool that increases my productivity.

Not a big fan of the keyboards you can attach to them either.

So it becomes something to use for entertainment purposes.

9,983,983 Words About Tablets

I am not going to share that many words about tablets here, especially since I just said the iPad is good for entertainment purposes.

If I had significant spare cash I might consider getting one for reading books and watching shows.

It is pretty damn good and useful for those things, but when it comes to a need for writing I don’t like it.

That sucker just doesn’t do it for me.

I have been using one that was given to me by the office for years now so I am pretty familiar with it.

Familiar enough to feel comfortable saying it is not my first choice for a productivity device.

I know some people who say the MS Surface does a good job with that but I have never had the opportunity to find out first hand.

Maybe one day, I am very curious.

For now I think my Mac is doing a pretty good job of taking care of most of my needs, but I admit I am always interested in getting another gadget or two.

Maybe I’ll win the lottery and get a chance to scratch that itch.

Mulling and Musing

I have been mulling over whether to produce brand new content or to string together some posts and pieces that would make a great story.

There are no coincidences and writing letters to the universe only works occasionally but sometimes you have to take a swing and tell the person you love they are an idiot for not recognizing the obvious.

Do things happen for a reason or is it all coincidence?

Maybe we ought to look back at heroes or maybe it is better to focus on the Rhythm of Life.

Sometimes we hear music and we run towards it never knowing what comes with or next.

Spit or swallow, it all unfolds and we learn or we don’t.

A Call To Arms

Sometimes you need a call to arms and a reminder that the world we live in is not solely based on myth and opinion.

There is a place and a need for those things, but the root of the tree is inclusive regardless of faith or lack thereof.

When we look at the collective good and try to be socially responsible morality should be mixed with science.

The world we live in can be better and more than it is and saying we don’t believe we have any sort of impact upon it just because we can’t see or measure it doesn’t mean it is true or right.

There is a middle ground between heart and head.  A place where logic and faith and coincide in a way that is good for all.

The ‘Beauty’ Of Anonymity

This won’t be the last post I write about the beauty of anonymity and how sometimes it is nice to be able to put thoughts on paper without having to have big discussions with people that are referenced in them.

Been dancing around it in the other place because I don’t want to upset family members but soon the time will come where I’ll be able to write more freely there.

Not because of good things but because the docs will spell things out in greater detail and we’ll be allowed to discuss.

All of which is a long-winded way of saying the word is that the Big C has decided to make a new home in the body of the man who helped give me life.

And unless there are surprises, miracles or some combination of the two I am going to join a club whose membership I wish to reject.

But that is not my decision to make or an option that we are given.

Will It Help

One day you may find me next to the wolf, howling at the moon.

It might sound silly, but something about it under a starlit night sounds inviting and even soothing.

Will it help?

I don’t know.

It might be dumb, but it is better than going off the rails crazy.

Of course I haven’t tried the off the rails bit yet, so maybe inexperience will prove me wrong.

That is all for now.